We are waiting for your articles for the 10th issue of Suret

The Journal of Psychocultural Analysis SURET will address the issue of ‘PERVERSION’ in its 10th issue. We hope that the authors who will tackle this issue will look for answers for the following questions.

  • What is perversion? Who is a pervert?
  • If the term perversion implies a normative developmental route and psychic functioning, then from what/where/whom does the pervert deviate? Is it possible to problematize this assumption/postulate?
  • What is the relationship between perversion and psychopathology? Is the perverse identical with what is pathologic?
  • By referring to its original meaning in psychoanalytic theory, could we say that ‘perversion’ is only and/or primarily a psychosexual phenomenon or is the psychosexual phenomenon in perversion is only a manifestation of a unique object relationship in the sexual realm that expresses itself in many different states and actions?
  • Psychoanalysis of Perversion: Perversion-death drive, perversion-narcissism, perversion-violence etc. psychoanalytic connections and theoretical considerations…
  • The psychocultural analysis of the perverse and perversion through its manifestations and examples in fields such as history, literature, mythology, theology, sociology, politics, popular culture, biography, science, and philosophy.

Deadline for the Submission of Papers: March 25, 2018

The papers should be sent to suretpsikokulturelanaliz@gmail.com

Note: The submitted papers will be reviewed by the Editorial Board of SURET and be published provided that they are deemed suitable. The author will be informed accordingly till 25th April.